Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hand made Sterling Silver Jewelry, By Ed Harris

Silverfox Dezins

From rough rock to finished Gemstone to finished Jewelry piece,

Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins is a one man operation,

creating one of a kind original works of art in each piece he dezins.

Little Hands

Taking Photo’s of my Sterling Silver Jewelry has always been difficult for me, trying to get a quality photo with true color and nice contrast, I have tried numerous things to get just the right look and feel for each piece I make. I made a couple of rings for one of my young granddaughters, Karlee when she was about 3 years old, so I tried taking pics with her wearing the rings.




I hadn’t noticed until I started working on the pics that the hands were more impressive than the rings I had made for her, I love her sweet little hands, but she loved the rings I had made her.

The deception of humanity

I’m not truly a religious man but I do believe I’m spiritual, having said that I’m 54 years old and have thought about this religion and spiritual thing quite a bit. Most religions teach basically the same thing, being loving, kind ,living with morals, treating your fellow man with love and respect and they pretty much all believe in a superior being as the creator of all things as well as a being that is basically the destroyer of all things good, they are refered to as God and Satan, Good and Evil, Lightness and Darkness, what ever label you put on them basically it’s the balance of power that controls the universe. These are just my opinions and they are observations I’ve made, so I’m not Quoting anyone when I say these things, but I strongly believe them to be true.

Most people today believe that we are the most advance society that has ever existed on this earth, I don’t, I believe there have been several time periods when people have advanced far beyond where we are today. I believe these societies have destroyed themselves much the same way we are destroying ourselves today, through our excessive and wasteful nature of wanting all these material things that make our boring lives so meaningful, our oversized homes with all the nice comforts of life, our cars and play things, nice cloths because after all we do have to dress better and have nicer things than our neighbors or else were losers.

Well in my estimation of things the powers that be have each and everyone of us right where the want us, in debt to them with little or no light at the end of the tunnel, working our meaningless lives away trying to get ahead and never really getting there, and when we have a day to relax what happens we sit in front of the T.V. where we are told what to eat, what to wear, what we need to look like so we can feel good about who we are, they tell us what to drive, they even tell us what drugs we need to take and that’s the key (need to take) we didn’t even know anything was wrong with us until they told us. They want us dumbed down beat up in debt and depressed.

There is no doubt in my mind that the people that run this earth are not looking out for us at all and why should they there whole intent is to destroy us . We have the drug companies out there try to get all of us using some kind of drug and they will even invent new deseases just so they can make a new drug to help us with a condition that doesn’t even exist, but there new drug with give us some kind of new sickness that we never would have had if we hadn’t taken there new drug. We have Walmart craming crap down our throats that we didn’t even know we needed until we seen it. Fast food chains feeding us food treated with so many chemical preservatives that most of us will be preserved for years after we die, and all the while most of us trust or government to regulate the food and drug undustries so we can safley consume or daily poison.

The powers that control this earth aren’t the drug companies or governments.,or even big business, they aren’t even human but they do control a certain portian of the human population and we allow them to control us, so in essence the dark side of the powers of the universe has us right where it wants us and the reason it wants us in the state were in now is to enhance it’s own power.

Now here’s where your going to think I’m really warped, I believe the universe is alive as we are and everything on earth and in the universe is connected and viberates on different frequencies, our emotions are very powerful, so when we have an emotional moment those vibrations go out through the universe and they are recieved either by the dark side or the light side depending on the emotion where the receiver is edified or made stronger. Every emotion we feel has a different frequency our thought waves are the same and the human mind has the power to creat or destroy just with a simple thought. I believe there has been people before us that have been able able to control mind power and creat greater things for themselves.

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