Affordable Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Just a few of my latest Pendants/Necklaces

All gemstones cut, polished and set in sterling silver

by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hand made Sterling Silver Jewelry, By Ed Harris

Silverfox Dezins

From rough rock to finished Gemstone to finished Jewelry piece,

Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins is a one man operation,

creating one of a kind original works of art in each piece he dezins.

All Natural Utah Stones

Silverfox Dezins
Check out these stone carvings

Natural Utah Orange Calcite Zuni style Spirit Bear, Hand Carved by Ed Harris, of Silverfox Dezins
Natural Utah Septarian egg, Hand Carved By Ed Harris of Sil;verfox Dezins
Natural Utah Picasso Marble Howling Coyote, hand carved by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins
Natural Utah White Calcite Sphere Hand carved by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins

Messy or neat being creative

Having an organized work space is a great idea, but for me at least just doesn’t work out so well. I will clean and organize my work area and within an hour or working it looks like this again. It’s funny how chaos just seems to feel and work right for me.ed-3

This is my Jewelry working bench, where I make all my Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry.wa 008

Just a few of my finished Custom dezines Sterling Silver pieces of Jewelry.

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New Product Added

This is just a few of the new Items I have added to my website. ; The first 3 Cabochons are Tiffany Stone for West Central Utah, Tiffany Stone isn’t widely known, although it is very popular among jewelry makers. The opaque colors are on the pink and purple scale, and very attractive. The gem quality cabochons are extremely colorful and very sought after. The next 2 are Picasso Marble Cabochons w/bail ready for your chain. The colors vary and may be found in pinks,yellows and browns. Marble is a soft rock and yet dense in structure. It was once limestone in the precambrian era. The sedimentary limestone masses were sometimes contacted by hot magmas and the pressure altered the limestone. Other minerals from the magma then infiltrated the limestone causing feathery lines and beautiful designes such as Picasso Marble found in Beaver County Utah. The scenic effect and color contrast in black and gold has made this marble a popular cutting stone for the lapidarist. The next is a Micro Septarian Zuni style Bear The Natural form of Septarian is a nodule that varies in size from less than one inch to four feet in diameter. The hard clay-like exterior is bentonite. The brown layers are aragonite and the white-yellow-yellowish brown central material is calcite. Most Septarian nodules are solid, but some contain hollows lined with beautiful dog tooth crystals. You can find all this and more by visiting my website

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