Affordable Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Just a few of my latest Pendants/Necklaces

All gemstones cut, polished and set in sterling silver

by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins

Handmade, Pendant, using Utah stones, and sterling silver, angel wings with white lace calcite, heart shaped unisex, pendant/necklace, heart jewelry,

Handmade sterling silver angel wings with white lace calcite heart shape cabochon pendant/necklace.

Angel wings cast with .925 sterling silver, heart is set in crown bezel trimmed to fit.

Large heavy bail, and stamped with silverfox dezins 


Location: Thomas Range Mountains Juab county Utah.

Origin: Hydrothermal Replacement

White Lace Calcite gets it’s name from the Lacey pattern

of the various black and sometimes red bands within the bright white crystal calcite.

The black bands are Manganese the red bands are Iron.

The bold contrast of black and red in bright white

makes a very rich and beautiful stone 

White lace calcite with red iron bands set in sterling silver angel wings to form a unique and heavenly pendant.

Cabochons for sale

Cabochons for sale, what ever your needs are, wire wrapping jewelry making,pocket stones or just as a mineral specimen, I have cabochons. Priced by each or discounts by the lot, just let me know what stone or stones you need and the quantity.
Ed Harris Silverfox Dezins

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hand made Sterling Silver Jewelry, By Ed Harris

Silverfox Dezins

From rough rock to finished Gemstone to finished Jewelry piece,

Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins is a one man operation,

creating one of a kind original works of art in each piece he dezins.

All Natural Utah Stones

Silverfox Dezins
Check out these stone carvings

Natural Utah Orange Calcite Zuni style Spirit Bear, Hand Carved by Ed Harris, of Silverfox Dezins
Natural Utah Septarian egg, Hand Carved By Ed Harris of Sil;verfox Dezins
Natural Utah Picasso Marble Howling Coyote, hand carved by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins
Natural Utah White Calcite Sphere Hand carved by Ed Harris of Silverfox Dezins

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